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Thought? Rambling? Confession?

If time were a Being what would it say to you?

Would it whisper to you of past friends or acquaintances or lovers?

Or would it simply acknowledge the past and look to the future, reminding you most importantly that the present is all that matters?

Only time will reveal its mysteries!… ~Shobs~




Thought? Rambling? Confession?



”In our world today, lots happen that God is unpleased about!


…at one point in my short life I was on a particular path where I had lost complete faith in all things unseen!

…in all things intangible but only in my heart!

…that the world was entirely physical!

…what is deemed a reality or imagination?

…and how do I explain my relationship with God?” ~Shobs~



Thought? Rambling? Confession?



Tell me what comforts you? For me it is Hope. I learnt about the power of hope for when I needed it most you emptied it into the depths of oblivion. Henceforth, I will not stop whispering into the night even though these whispers are no longer for you. ~Shobs~



Thought? Rambling? Confession?

Thought? Rambling? Confession?.

Thought? Rambling? Confession?


“The most common habit in women with genuinely pure hearts is hiding things in the name of decency, things that should really be discussed.” ~Shobs~



Thought? Rambling? Confession?


”I stand Alone, in silent judgement of them all.” ~Shobs~



Thought? Rambling? Confession?


“We are all guilty of moving away from the simple things in life. Namely: sharing, caring, charity, compassion, empathy…the list is long. I wonder. Can it be that the more we silence the whispers of our heart the more worldly we believe we are!” ~Shobs~



Thoughts, ramblings and confessions

Thought? Rambling? or Confession?.