Thought? Rambling? or Confession?

This here is a superhuman effort to grapple with my thoughts and accept the reality, the reality of people!… ~Shobs~


Thought? Rambling? or Confession?

shobwrites: “Where I was in life was a blessing. The praises received and current wisdom then would however, not be able to support future circumstances. What I was in for, no amount of experience could have prepared me…” ~Shobs~


‎”Hi all, I want to invite you to check out my blog (still in creation mode). All comments, ideas, requests will be appreciated, providing they are all healthy!” ~Shobs~

Thoughts, ramblings and confessions

Thought? Rambling? or Confession?.



“Does this article sum it all up when it comes to the topic of energy?

What are your thoughts concerning the world’s current energy situation? ?”



My 5 steps to being a true winner

  1. Talk price
  2. Beat competitors to the punch
  3. Brand product comparisons
  4. Give me a prize for being your customer
  5. Tell me something I dont already know

Then you have my loyalty” ~Shobs~


…and Happy Writing…