” I am a student, traveller, friend.

Simply, I love learning and I am willing to investigate many things with the hope of growing personally and professionally.

As a traveller I love the experience of visiting new places and interacting with people in any environment. Each year, apart from my personal vacation time, both my brothers, sister and I vacation for a week to a new country. However, from that I’ve learnt that one can never truly enjoy all the nice things of a single place in just a week.

As a friend I will support you in any endeavour. I am famous for my listening skills. Once you’ve earned the title friend from me then I trust you completely and vice versa.

Some honesty. The only reason I have a blog is because of Computing and Information Systems and University of London. Currently, I hope to extend my networks to both developed and developing countries. I hope to follow closely the increasing popular topic of Green Computing and issues of Globalisation.  In effect, creating and maintaining active networks especially in these areas. ” ~Shobs~


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